• What is the average size and weight of a dwarf rabbit?

  A dwarf rabbit is normally between 200mm and 250mm in length. Their average weight is about 600g. No dwarf rabbit will weigh over 1kg.
  • What does a baby dwarf rabbit and a fully grown rabbit eat?
  The baby rabbits and fully grown rabbits eat the same food. Dwarf rabbits should get fresh fruit and vegetables at least twice a day. In addition to this they should always have fresh water, some raw oats, straw, budgie seed and some rabbit pellets.
  • When will a doe come on heat?
  A female rabbit does not have a cycle. The shear presence of a male rabbit can stimulate her to come on heat. Female rabbits can give birth every month for four years of their fertile life, which can be anything from the age of 6 months.
  • What is the difference between a Normal Dwarf Rabbit and a Dwarf Angora Rabbit?
  A Dwarf Angora Rabbit is very fragile in their development stage, which can be the age of 3 months. Normal Dwarf Rabbits are tougher as they develop faster. Baby Dwarf Angoras (up to the age of 3 months) are not ideal pets for small children.


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