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This site is dedicated to Dwarf Angora Rabbits


After a lifetime of having every type of pet imaginable, found a lasting love and interest for dwarf rabbits. Initially I did not plan on breeding these animals, but as we all know rabbits, they went ahead without my consent and multiplied by the month.


Over the years I've acquired quite a few different breeds of dwarf rabbits, including Angoras and Netherland Dwarfs. My passion has grown for the Dwarf Angora rabbits as they are very cute and cuddly, and do not require as much grooming as the bigger Angora rabbits.


Below are some pictures of my baby dwarfs (only a few weeks old). They will grow to full size within two to three months.


As can be seen on my Photos page, most of my rabbits run freely in my back yard and have a heavenly life. I do everything in my power to keep them safe and properly fed.


I have various portable rabbit cages that I keep the babies in until they are big enough to look after themselves. Apart from keeping them safe, I also tame them to such an extend that they will come into my house to grab a bite of stretch out in front of the heater whenever they feel like it.


Most of my rabbits are potty trained and used to human handling.


If you are interested in these unique animals, I suggest you keep an eye on this site.

My Babies...




Short hair dwarf rabbits for sale.





Miniature dwarf angora rabbits with long fluffy hair. Various colours (smokey pearl, siamese, white, etc.) available. Very cute, low maintenance pets. NOT a toy, must be handled with care. Prices on request.


Phone Ulyn Botha on 076 420 4473.

(Robertson, Western Cape, South Africa).



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